About Us

Construction company Fasáde Pro Ltd was established in 2005 by founding a team of people whit twenty years of experience in façade restoration and renovation.

Fasáde Pro Ltd provides building façade and interior renovation, restoration, and construction. The company offers a wide range of construction services, guaranteeing a high quality and always meeting the agreed to deadlines.

Although the main focus of the company is the restoration of historic facades, our portfolio also includes thermal insulation of facades, construction of new buildings, both timber and stone, as well as interior restoration and decorating.

Our employees have mastered the art of working with authentic calcimine from the 17th century, made of 7-year slaked lime, as well as with modern mortar and stone restoration materials. Over the years, we have learnt a variety of rendering technique, starting with granite stone dispersion rendering all the way until the Sgraffito technique. We have restored facades for the medieval castle in Bauska and Barque place in Rundale, as well as restoring and renovating many art Nouveau facades.

We know how to properly insulate facades while meeting the highest quality standards by using traditional and innovative building insulation system.

On our team, we have craftsman who can create any degree of complexity façade strokes, and an artist who is skilled at restoring a facades ornaments and sculptures.

During the winter season, the scope of our activity moves indoors. As an additional department in our company, we have a joinery which produces parts for wooden façade restoration, as well as restoring and producing windows and doors, furniture, and interior trim panels.

Contact us:
+371 292 30 573 - LV/RUS
+371 283 72 118 - LV/ENG
Email: info@fasadepro.lv